Friday, March 8, 2013

A,B,C Friday Photo Share - "I" is for Imagination

Special thanks to Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom vs The boys, for hosting this fun series.

I took the low road on this one and  looked through a list of "I" words, until something sparked my 'imagination". What I came up with occured this week while I was babysitting my little grandson.  
This is his "impression" of a home made fort at his house. He pulled out two drawers, then proceeded to produce a pile of blankets and pillows. Having had similar ones as a child and again with my own children, 'Grammie' managed to figure out the rest on her own. he,he

So this is my grandson's and my 'impression' of a home made, make shift, kitchen fort.

Peeking out to 'identify' any approaching emenies.

 Getting some rest from a hard days work.


  1. I love the huge imagination that kids have! He is so adorable!

    1. He has an especially vivid imagination!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a great "I" word... and how aptly applied!! There is a lot of "clean up" work involved in those games, but I believe from the child's perspective (and yours as well) it is well worth the effort.

    1. Thanks Pat. When I asked him if his Dad showed him how to do that, he replied, "No, my Mom did". Kids are funny!!!


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