Thursday, January 31, 2013

After the Wind Storm - Jan 31, 2013

After a severely windy day, and what I can only describe as what felt to me, something akin to what some of the older locals will remember, as the Ground Hog Day Gale of 1976, the day had an unusual end.

As the setting sun broke through and gently kissed the far hills, it seemed Mother Nature laughed at the damage left by the howling winds all day. The beauty she left in the sky, this evening, told nothing of the destruction  she had left behind.

The setting sun, broke through following a day of howling, rentless winds and pounding rain.

The setting sun gently tosses a kiss to the tops of the Eastern hills.

The setting sun gently caresses the North Eastern hills, before dipping behind the horizon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Jan 30, 2012

These little ice fishing villages spring up in many coves, that have fresh water, this time of year. Some can be quite elaborate, but they always made a pretty picture.

  See the seagull flying over,maybe, looking for some cast off pieces of fish?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A, B, C Friday Photo Jan. 25, 2013 - "C" is for Children

This week my choice for the letter 'C' is Children. 

Children do many things to makes us smile, test our patience, push our limits, but they're always a challenge, and always interesting. But the thing, children do best is to, just have fun!!
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This first picture is showing my children and some of thier cousins, who are now all grown up with children of their own. Children just love to have fun in even the simplest of ways.

Taken in 1982. My children having  fun with some of their cousins in a pile of Fall leaves.

The next pictures show some of 'their' children having fun together.

Tumbling and wrestling on the Spring green grass, just for fun.

"Having my big brother read a bedtime story to me" is very enjoyable. Now I can sleep.

Even Grampy gets in on the sandbox fun!

Running across the park, just for fun.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Weather and Your Pets - January 23, 2013

I don't know about where you live, but here in southern New Brunswick, Canada, we can get some very cold weather in our Winters. Today we have an extreme wind chill warning, issued from Enviornment Canada.

Wind Chill Warning

Issued at 4:40 AM AST Wednesday 23 January 2013


Extreme wind chill values of minus 35 to minus 41 are forecast for this morning tonight and Thursday morning. This is a warning that extreme wind chill conditions are expected in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..listen for updated statements.


Very cold Arctic air combined with northwesterly winds will produce wind chill values of minus 35 to minus 41 this morning overnight tonight and Thursday morning.

On days like these, we remember to bundle ourselves and our children up warm, but let's not forget about our pets. They feel the cold too.
These are a few tips from:

Please check them out and be kind to your pets. They are family, too.

Zazu, looking to come in from the cold.

Zazu, all snuggly and warm, in one of her favorite spots in her home.

Friday, January 18, 2013

ABC Friday Photo -January 18, 2013

ABC Friday Photo Share - "B" is for Bridges

I love to photograph covered bridges. We have a lot of them in New Brunswick and even in the county, where I live. But I would be remiss, if i didn't feature this, special bridge.

This is the Hartland Covered Bridge. It's the World's longest covered bridge and it's right here in New Brunswick, Canada.

Thanks to momvstheboys and maple leaf mommy for hosting for this fun weekly blog hop!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Jan16, 2013

Did you ever see snow evaporating?

It had been a gloomy & foggy day, then just before the sun was ready to set behind the hills, it came out shining brightly and this was the result.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

50 Things You May Not Have Known About Me.

I was visiting some other blogs that are part of a blogging group I belong to when I stumbled upon the idea to create a list of , “The 50 Things You May Not Know About Me”.  I loved reading the list at Older Mommy, Still Yummy so much that I decided to try to come up with my own.  It was so much fun that I really hope you will give it a try too!!
So, here goes….
  1. I'm a five+ year, breast cancer survivor.
  2. I prefer 'oldies', so usualy listen to CFBC radio.
  3. One of our  four daughters lives in Fort MacMurray, Alberta.
  4. I love a good challenge. (this is one right here)
  5. I live on Darling's Island (yes, it's actually an island), in a community called  Nauwigewauk.  (Can you wrap your tongue around that one?)
  6. I own a small business called 'Oak Lawn Images'.
  7. We've been married for over 42 years. (wow, where does the time go??)
  8. We have 4 adult daughters, and 7 grandchildren, ages 20 years to 2 years.
  9. I salivate at the smell of dulse.
  10. I wish I had long thick hair!!
  11. I have a great sence of smell.
  12. I love music, but do not have a musical bone in  my body. (though I sing in perfect pitch to the car radio he,he)
  13. My favourite colour is green.
  14. I drove from New Brunswick to Alberta once, and would love to do it again with my sisters.
  15. So far I have moved 5 times in my life but have never moved out of my home province.
  16. We have a campfire pit complete with waiting chair for evening, Summer guests.
  17. I drink a lot of tea every day, very little coffee, except when I go out in the car or visiting, then I drink a lot.
  18. I believe in “ghosts”.
  19. I have  weakness for anything salty!
  20. I like reading.
  21. I am a retired Registered Nurse.
  22. I am a Gemini...yes and all the characheristics that go with that.
  23. My dad died when I was 27 and my mom in 2005.
  24. In season, on Saturday and Some Sundays, my husband and I often man a table at our local Farmer and Crafts Market.
  25. We sell my own photo Greeting Cards and photo prints.
  26. I belong to a book club and we meet the last Monday of the month.
  27. I love to travel. 
  28. I am a recycling and composting fanatic.
  29. I'm attempting to complete a "Once Upon a Lifetime..." journal began by my mother.
  30. We have a very old German shepherd mixed dog, named Zazu.
  31. I usually prefer white wine over red.(but am learning to appreciate red)
  32. I wish I'd tried a little harder when my mother and grandmother tried to teach me to knit.
  33. I really admire teachers.
  34. I don’t like being alone, at night, in my house.
  35. I like to play board games.
  36. I love to garden any time of the year and it takes the whole season to keep it maintained.
  37. I wish I had been born with red hair.
  38. As a nurse, I worked for several years on the Palliative Care Unit and I loved it!
  39. My middle name is Frances.
  40. I love camping.
  41. I try to watch Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, and new Christmas specials, every year on  television.
  42. I'm a huge Elvis fan.
  43. I'm a trekkie.
  44. I love to sleep on our deck swing on a warm summer's night.
  45. I'm busier now since retiring.
  46. I have pierced ears, but no tattoos, yet.
  47. I love art, but can't paint or draw, but would love to learn.
  48. I make home made crabapple jelly and give most of it away!
  49. My favourite movie is "The Sound of Music".
  50. I live on Canada’s east coast, just minutes from the ocean, but don’t  like lobster, shrimp, clams or mussels.
I borrowed this idea from Older Mommy, Still Yummy I hope you enjoyed reading my list of 50 Things and I would love to read yours.  If you create one, be sure to leave me a comment so I can come and visit!