Thursday, January 31, 2013

After the Wind Storm - Jan 31, 2013

After a severely windy day, and what I can only describe as what felt to me, something akin to what some of the older locals will remember, as the Ground Hog Day Gale of 1976, the day had an unusual end.

As the setting sun broke through and gently kissed the far hills, it seemed Mother Nature laughed at the damage left by the howling winds all day. The beauty she left in the sky, this evening, told nothing of the destruction  she had left behind.

The setting sun, broke through following a day of howling, rentless winds and pounding rain.

The setting sun gently tosses a kiss to the tops of the Eastern hills.

The setting sun gently caresses the North Eastern hills, before dipping behind the horizon.


  1. Beautiful sunset pictures. I especially love the first one. Reminds me of one you took a long time ago in that general area.

    1. Thanks Pat except this was such a tospy turvy day!!!


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