Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- October 24, 2012

                        Never Outgrow the Fun!!!

     Some of the girls at Halloween through the years.

Kerry & Krista 1976

Kerry & Krista 1977

Kerry, Krista & Kimberley 1979

Kerry, Krista, Kimberley & Karen 1983

Kerry, Krista, Kimberley & Karen...oh and strange pumpkin head person 1985

Kerry & Kimberley 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday October 17, 2012

                       An Autumn morning from my house.

 Pine and Maple trees, from my office window.

Home made Autumn wreath 

Pumpkins waiting to be claimed.

Two different types of Maple trees.

Autumn across the fields. (See the deer?)

Friday, October 12, 2012

On Being A Grandma - Little Things Mean A Lot!

                       Little Things Mean A Lot

Some days the news is very large and good, some days the news is large and not so good, some days little thing aggravate and grate on our nerves.

But on some days 'little things mean a lot'. That's how it's been for the past several days.

Bella, on a mission!

Thanksgiving Dinner tables all set, at Kimberley's 

Barrett, with his Dad's hockey stick

Bob, Krista, Bella & 'moi'.
Logan, being calm and happy!

1. Brandon (19) won out over 200 people for a job that was only awarded to 2 people.

2. Brooke (6), his sister, won an award from her school principal for befriending a fellow student who was alone in the playground at recess.

3. Cole (3) told his parents he had to pee, then with his Dad, went into the bathroom and did just that, keeping his pull-ups dry.

4. Blake (16) and Logan (8) overcame their anxieties about loud noises, even though their little cousins were scampering around like little squirrels, laughing and squealing, therefore, all went well at our Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Bella (2) ran into my arms at the airport, when we recently went out to visit  with her parents and her.

6.  Barrett (3) was using his Dad’s hockey stick to play ball hockey in his basement with his cousin, who had a little plastic hockey stick, and no one was injured.

7. Kim and Danny, Kerry and Karen took over the preparation and hosting of  Thanksgiving dinner for me, when I was sick with a bad cold, allowing me to better enjoy the day.

8. Krista being generous, and flying us out, to visit with them in Ft MacMurray.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- October 10, 2010

Just one, of the huge tires on the 797 trucks, which transport the sands, at the oil  sands, outside of Fort MacMurray, Alberta. A portion of the underside of the truck can be seen above the tire.

Big and small at the Oil Sands Discovery Center.