Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gardening...love it or hate it!!!

                Oak Lawn Images is not just about photography. We like to provide a place for anyone who would like to come and enjoy the peace and serenity of our beautiful scenery. So, we work very hard all Spring, Summer and Autumn on our gardens, to provide a nice spot for folks to sit and relax as they take in the breathtaking view that we  are lucky enough to enjoy. 

We’ve just recently been able to get out and remove some of the fast growing weeds like dandelions, creeping Charlie, trip weed and stray grasses from the gardens. It’s been raining and wet so many days that it’s been hard to even get out. Here in the eastern part of Canada, we’ve had to do what gardening we can between the downpours.  And of course there’s  the high rubber boots and old clothes.

Today, for the first time I was able to do some badly needed edging. I managed to get two gardens, one tiny and one medium one finished. We still have about 15 to go.
We’ve been lucky to have some of the early plants in bloom. We have the grape hyacinth’s, some of the tulips, pansies, daffodils, one of the bleeding hearts and most recently the rose tree of China.

We’re just hoping we have some good days ahead to get out at the gardens, before the black flies and mosquitoes arrive.

I’m wondering how everyone else feels about gardening and how you’re coming along with your own gardening?

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Looking forward to hearing your comments and your own gardening stories.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember Mother's Day on May 8, 2011

With Mother's Day, just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to honor our Mom's.  I'd like to honor mine with pictures. Obviously I haven't taken them all, but wanted to post them just the same, as a small tribute to her life with us.

Marguerite with her sister Eileen. This is one of the earliest photographs I have of my Mom.

Taken about 1946, when Mom was a young woman.

I wish I could zoom in on the date on that licence plate to see the year.(About 1947)
Mom and Dad on their Wedding Day in April 1947 That's her sister, Eileen (from the other  photo, with her), plus twin younger sisters.
Getting ready to go  for a day in the big city!

Now a young Mom with two children. (I'm the baby here)

Now with four children and living in the city. We spent a lot of Sunday afternoons in this park, often with a picnic lunch!
When I think of my Mom  during my school years, this was a familiar scene for me when I came home. Mom was ironing clothes and usually singing along to a country song on the radio, and there was often a cake baking in the oven.
Mom and Dad about 1960. We'd been on a picnic, but Mom and Dad always had time for each other.
Mom and Dad posing, where she  spent many hours carefully planting, weeding and caring for with love, in front of her beautiful rock garden.
Mom & Dad with four of the grandchildren. (1975)

Mom & Dad with their own five grown children.(1977)
Mom & Dad,  on our front steps in 1967
Mom in 2004 with two of her great grandchildren.

A typical pose of Mom's, with her cup of tea, chatting with family and  friends or watching a game show on television.

Sadly Mom died in January of 2005, but her memory, some of  her traits, dreams and idiosyncracies live on in her daughters, granddaughters and even a few of  the great granddaughters.
"Happy Mother's Day" to all Mother's both in this world and in Heaven!