Friday, May 10, 2013

Smile BRILLANT! LED Teeth Whitening System

It’s so nice to be seeing the much longer days and the flowers and trees beginning to show their Spring blooms.  

We even did our very first lawn mowing of the season and our gardens are beginning to show some color.

Inside, we are putting away our heavy Winter clothes and bringing out our lighter Spring and Summer clothing. It’s seems everywhere we look there is a smile on people’s faces. What is ‘your' Spring smile going to look like, to others?  Your smile is your most noticeable fashion accessory. It needs to be with you 24/7 so it should be as bright as possible!

I was confident I had the best smile I could, but it was not until I completed the easy to use, safe and very effective, 
Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System   did I realize how much whiter  my smile could really become. For the same results, it would have cost hundreds more from a dentist's chair.

When you don't have time to mess with all the over the counter systems that take days to complete a and only minimal results attained, get immediate results on the go.Smile Brilliant's LED Teeth Whitening System does it all. Smile Brilliant, Professional Teeth Whitening, is pleased to offer a tooth bleaching package that generates results in an easy to carry package. With as little time, as 20 minutes per day, this kit gets results and is compact enough to go with you. The whitening system includes an ultra high strength professional whitening pen with an LED lighting system. The gel paints on quickly and the LED whitening light accelerates the process.

I did notice a very small amount of minor tooth sensitivity on the first two mornings, but it quickly disappeared and my smile was better than ever.

This Spring,I will be feeling fully confident and
 fully accessorized at all times!

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 {Disclaimer:  The product or products mentioned above were provided free of charge from the company or PR firm in exchange for being featured on Oak Lawn Images-Page. The  opinions expressed are my own.  No monetary compensation was received.}


  1. This sounds like something I would really love to use. I have been using the whitening strips but I'm not sure they are not doing a great enough job. This system sounds to be exactly what I am looking for!

    1. I expect you would be very pleased with the results, Monica. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Even if you had your teeth "whitened" this product would be great for touch ups and maintenance as well!

    1. Yes, that would be a great idea too. So even if you've used another product, this would still be very useful.


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