Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Snowblower Dec 20, 2012

First Snowstorm of the 2012 -2013  Winter Season

           I don't know about where you live, but here in southern New Brunswick in Canada, in Winter, we get snow.  Sometimes we get a little snow, sometimes we get a lot of snow. But one thing is certain, some of it is bound to be the heavy wet snow we call 'heart attack snow'. That's the stuff that has layers of snow with heavy water layden layers of snow, under it.

Zazu, playing in the snow before the snowblowing begins.

           My husband had a heart attack, several years ago and I'm getting 'up there' in age, too. We are at an age where we have to be a little more aware and careful about what we tackle. Last year we decided after shoveling that 'heart attack snow', that it would be our last year to do so.                  

           So this year we broke down, after over 40 years of this shoveling and purchased a brand new snow blower.

           Today was trial day for my husband to use the new machine. After he's comfortable with it, he says he'll teach me how to operate it, too. No sexism in this family.

First pass up the ramp from the garage.

Finishing up the ramp before heading to do the walkway from the house to the garage.

The finished job.

I think it shall work quite nicely and once we get a pattern down, it will become cleaner and easier to complete. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with the snowblower. 

How do you deal with snow?