Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- October 24, 2012

                        Never Outgrow the Fun!!!

     Some of the girls at Halloween through the years.

Kerry & Krista 1976

Kerry & Krista 1977

Kerry, Krista & Kimberley 1979

Kerry, Krista, Kimberley & Karen 1983

Kerry, Krista, Kimberley & Karen...oh and strange pumpkin head person 1985

Kerry & Kimberley 2012


  1. Love all the great costumes...these home made costumes are so much more fun to put together than just going to the store and buying a complete costume. Brings back fun memories :)

  2. Great pictures and great memories. I agree with Monica, homemade costumes are the best. Love the Halloween effects!!


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