Monday, November 21, 2011

On Being A Grandma-Nov. 21, 2011

           Sometimes Togetherness is Not Always Best.

My husband & I have been married over 41 years, so we often ‘do things’ together. But this was one thing I never dreamed we’d be sharing. We both ended up with separate grease burns on our hands.

Let me tell you grease burns are...verrrrrry....painful!!!

My husband had his misadventure with a pork chop in a frying pan and splattering grease, last Wednesday.  So I’d been doing all the nurse things like, keeping it cleaned and dressing it once a day, knowing we’d be seeing our family doctor today.

What I hadn’t bargained on was getting a similar injury myself, just yesterday. (Good thing we already had the appointment) I was cooking bacon for breakfast, something we rarely do anyway.  And being environmentally conscious, I decided not to pour the grease down the sink. So, with fry pan in hand, I reached for paper towels, to sop up the grease, with my free hand.

There was my folly!! The fry pan tilted and poured the hot grease over my hand, hitting the top part of my index finger as well as a few small splatters in the same area.

Immediately, I dropped the pan (on the floor) and ran my hand under cold water, then, proceeded to soak my hand another 30 minutes in a pan of cold water. When the pain began to subside a little, I wrapped it up, elevated it on a pillow as I lay down, and with the help of a couple of good strong medications, managed to sleep until the pain was gone.

Lessons learned:

*Pork chops cook just as well at a medium temperature.
*Leave hot grease in the pan until it cools
*Be grateful for 'small' injuries

Things we already knew but, obviously, needed reminding.

Today, both ‘accidents’ were seen by our family doctor and all will be good soon. But the moral of this story is not to be trying to, ‘everything’ together.



  1. Oh dear me, I hope it is not too painful! Take care of both of you!

  2. Oooh, Kathy, I am so sorry that you and Bob were both burned!!! You are right, that is incredibly painful. Keep the pain meds to you and be careful.

  3. All is good! In the whole scheme of life, this is minor!!! A reminder to...slow down!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I hope you two are alright! Grease burns are the worst.:/

  5. Oh! That's awful - but glad you're OK (ie not in hospital and alive). Too bad togetherness didn't work out this time, huh?!?!

  6. both look rather worse for the wear!! Grease burns are the worst...they just keep burning until you get the grease off. You were smart to soak it immediately in the cool water. Hope you're both on the mend very soon. your new background!

  7. Me and the Education Tipster do everything together.
    What actually happened to you was a "sympathy burn". This will make your marriage stronger.
    Plus, you both have something to talk about that you both shared.


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