Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday May 2, 2012

              Feeling a little nostalgic today!

Bob and his 1957 GMC, taken in 1982.


  1. I had nostalgia today too for my Wordless Wednesday post - must be something in the air!

    That is a pretty radical truck and that tank he's wearing - priceless :)

    1. Thanks Kate,
      That was the 80's, alright.

  2. Wow, that seem like only last week.....where has the time gone?

  3. What a great picture Kathy, I remember that truck well. Seems like yesterday, it's nice though, that when we look at the people we love, we remember them from when we were all young and forever think of them as being in their 30's.

  4. My hubby had a green, four-wheel-drive Ford back then. He loved that truck. Oh how fast the years fly by.

  5. That's funny because the color of the truck is what he liked most. We had a real hard time finding the 'robin's egg blue' to paint the body work it needed when we bought it.
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. Great old GMC! My hubby had one like that. Thanks for sharing.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I kind of wish we still that that old truck....but it 'was' a money pit!

  8. beautiful classic car :-) Dropping by from Wordless Wednesday

  9. Thanks for your kind comment and for stopping by, Jessica. It was a truck from 'another' time alright.


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