Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unexpected Delights

My Daughter, Karen was given two tickets to see Il Divo, in our city. I'd heard of them, but had never seen them or heard their music. She and her sister, Kim, were planning on going. But both were unable unable, because of their babies were still not feeling well, after each had a cold.

 Both of my sisters love Il Divo, so my plan was to give the tickets to them to enjoy. Well one sister, as it turned out was unable to go, so I ended up going with my sister Pat over at Sugar & Spice and all Things ?? Nice

It was an amazing production complete with the beautiful backdrops, lighting, awesome sound system and our great seats, so close to the stage. I never knew how much I was going to like Il Divo  and their complete orchestra until we went to this performance.

Thank you so  much to my daughter Karen for thinking of me when she couldn't use the tickets. 

It just goes to show, we never know from day to day what will come our way, some days, not so good, but this day, it was something...very, very...good.

These are two previously recorded videos, as examples, of the performance they staged for us in Saint John, NB



  1. Wasn't that Melanconia fantastic! And Don't Cry for me Argentina? And Mama? And the whole show!!! I saw it from quite far back in the lower bowl of the Moncton coliseum. When they sang I Did it My Way,either David or Sebastian fell coming down the steps. He did a quick save and then pretended he was flying, it was funny (since he didn't hurt himself.)

  2. Oh, that's funny, cause he did the same thing in Saint John. You know I was wondering if that was a set up. I wasn't a fan of them at all. I had heard of them, but certainly am a fan now.
    Thanks for you comment.

  3. Kathy, I'm so happy you decided to go! I LOVE the classical numbers....listening to it at home gives me shivers, hearing them in person must have been unbelievable!!

  4. I want to join the music concert because music is my soul and i never missed any music concert in my surrounding areas in New York and at this time i will join this concert again but i am looking for discount and affordable tickets rates.

    1. I was lucky to have such great seats given to me. If you do get a chance, they are amazing to see in person.

  5. How fun! I hope that your grandbabies are feeling better now too.

    Kathy M.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the babies are fine, now. Their Moms just didn't want to leave them more than they had to. They both work full time during the day.
      Thanks for asking.


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