Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spring Gardens

Oriental poppies lead the way to the lake beyond

     One of the best part of having the beautiful Summer days is that the long cold dreary days of Winter are but a distant memory. As the years have gone by I have accumulated many gardens and they have prolifirted. Mintaining those gardens has become a Spring, Summer and Autumn task. 

     But this year as in other years past, my brother and his dear wife, have come to my rescue, by helping to weed and tend to those gardens, thus freeing up more of my time and time that we all may spend enjoying Nature's bounty together.

    These are just a few snap shots of this years gardens.

  Chives,rhododendrons and lupins all add to the Spring pallate

The hostas and rhododendrons have escaped the munchie deer, for this year.

     A perpetually cool walking path along the edge of the gardens

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  1. Your gardens are outstanding, the colours are so beautiful and those poppies...amazing!


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