Monday, October 17, 2011

On Being a Grandma Oct 17, 2011

I’ve been a little negligent in my blogging lately. So here goes...back at it again. We had all the family out for Thanksgiving dinner. There were 14 of us in all. Getting a meal to the table and hot, all at the same time can be a challenge. But we all managed to get some, apple cider/wine, turkey, ham, potatoes, squash, vegetables, rolls, pickles, and a   slice of pie (lemon meringue, pumpkin with whipped cream, hot apple with ice cream) along with tea and coffee.
I was so busy trying to spend time with them all, that I only managed one picture of a few of the youngest family members there.

Cole, Barrett, Logan at their little table for Thanksgiving dinner. (Dads and brother at big table)
Then, I was asked by one daughter to take school type photos, of her two boys. (She thought I had more patience than the school photographer.) I don’t know, but that too, was a challenge with the youngest one. He’ll sit for only a few minutes, then, he’s done. So we ended up doing several sessions with him to even get him to look in the direction of the camera. Here’s a sample of the finished products.


 My other daughter had some meetings on Sunday, so I was able to spend some time with her two youngest that day. They are little tumble bunnies, too. The little guy wants to see himself in the camera, almost before I get in a second shot. So that is a challenge. But I did manage to get a couple of them in between their antics.



I love having a grandson I can call to our rescue! But being 18 years old, he, no doubt, had better things to do that day, but was kind enough to come out, when Grammie's call sounded so desperate. He was a great help for his grandfather to get the job done. I did not get any photographs of that. I was more than happy to have him help, so, I was not about to put a camera on him.

And, as a Grandma, some weeks are just like that.


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  1. Looks like it was so much fun!! Dinner sounds like it was delicious. For dessert I would have picked pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
    The pictures are all amazing, I especially love the "school" photos.


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