Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Being A Grandma- A Series: August 7, 2011

Another good use of a Grandma, is as a temporary babysitter. This is what happened when our youngest grandson, Cole, took a tumble from his cousin's bed, fracturing a bone in his tiny wrist, requiring a cast. Around here doctors don't let little ones go to daycare with a cast.

They said it is heavy and would throw him off balance, possibly leading to another fall.(We don't want that!!) Not to mention, to a little boy  of 22 months,who doesn't know his own strength, a fiberglass cast makes a very handy weapon to anyone who disagrees, doesn't share, or otherwise gets on his nerves!

So I was offered the job of keeping this very active  little guy, busy for several days. The following pictures pretty much tell the story!

He tried hitting the nail, very fast, with his good hand.

Holding on very carefully, with his 'free' fingers, so he can dig in and get the snack with his other one.

Bouncing the ball, using a baseball bat.

Hiding the ball in Mommy's flowers. (Don't look Mom)

"Mommy says I have to wear this funny glove when I eat messy lunches"

Sharing a snuggle with Grandma.

"Mmm, this doesn't look too high, with one good arm, and Grandma's there to catch me."

Watching the excavator roll, loudly, out of the yard, from the safety of his deck.

Where there's an excavator, there's usually a dump truck, and this one's VERY BIG!!

"Grampy's sandals are SO big & mine are so small"

Sharing a secret with Grampy.

"Here Grampy, you try this snack, too"

"Or sometimes, I just have to sit down and hold my poor little arm"


  1. Lovely pictures! Very funny as well

  2. Thanks Claudia,
    I checked out your 'vacation' pics and video. What a lovely place to listen to such calming music!!

  3. Awhhhh....poor Cole. but as usual kids take it all in stride, and he's having such a great time with his Grammie and Grampy!! Great story Kathy!!

  4. Very sweet! I'll be seeing my grandson on Tuesday this week.

  5. He's a lucky boy!!! And I'm sure he'll remember the fun times with you all his life!!

    So glad you enjoyed my cane toad post - thanx for the visit!!!

  6. Sweet pictures indeed. For awhile there I thought I wasn't gonna see Grandpa at all. The grandson is definately in good hands.

  7. Thanks Monica, Shelly, Red Nomad Oz and Anthony for your kind comments. The grandchildren keep me on my toes and keep supplying me with tales!!


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