Sunday, July 24, 2011

On Being a Grandma - A Series - July 25, 2011

When people think of a Grandma, they think of someone who is rather oldish, greying, slow moving, and doting on sweet little grandchildren. But, Grandmas are first and foremost women. Many of whom are still in the working field, have grown children, elderly parents as well as spouses, still living. Grandmas love their Grandma job, their mother job, their spouse job and their income job, but they too, need a break from all that, from time to time.

Cooling our feet in the ocean surf.
That’s just what my two sisters and I did recently!!

We took a few days of girl/sister time away from everything and did some cabin camping at a nearby ocean beach.
Toasting our first few hours at our rustic, camping cabin.
The following group of photographs are just a few to illustrate the fun 'Grandmas' can have when they get away for some peace and quiet time.

Walking on a fog shrouded, quiet beach, with nothing to do but listen to the distant, gentle surf and call of the gulls.

Standing on the ocean floor!!  At high tide the water will be at the level of the black, seaweed covered rocks, far above our heads.

Some of the spectacular and rugged scenery we encountered on our 5 km hike, over rough and wet terrain.

The full moon shining through the trees, as seen from our camping cabin.

A glimpse of the shadowed, wooded terrain in our campground.

Even doing the dishes, by hand, was a fun and peaceful thing for us.

Waiting for our campfire to burn and produce embers. Notice the full moon behind the fire and the lights of the passing truck illuminating the bushes nearby.

Enjoying yummy s'mores with our 'special' hot chocolate.


  1. Kathy, I LOVE this, you did an amazing job capturing the "feel" of our sisters getaway!! xoxox Monica

  2. Lovely pictures and great idea. How lucky you are to have sisters :)

  3. I've popped over from your sister's blog - what a great time you three must have had! I can't imagine going camping with my sisters - but perhaps it's because no one has ever suggested it.

  4. Such a peaceful and tranquil location for a time-out! But you don't have to be a Grandma to have a good time, do you??!!

  5. to Shelly...thanks for your kind comment
    to Pondside...thanks for stopping over..I'd love it if your join my site and check out Oak Lawn Images on facebook, too.
    to Red Nomad Oz..ha,ha..we've been having fun together as sisters for many years. It just takes on a different and more peaceful tone as we'mature'!!


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